Apple 32GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Generation)

I can’t afford an iPod. :o(

$70 off retail. Good price, if only I wanted one of these.

walmart has it 40$ more

I hear these are pretty good if you Rockbox 'em.

totally FBed this one… get it outta here lol

Looks like $269.99 at Amazon, $274.99 at Worst Buy.

about $40 cheaper than everywhere else… could be a slamming Christmas gift… hmmmm

This Woot-off already looks better than last month’s.

Looks cheaper than Amazon by about $30.

… and it’s sold out.

Looks like it retails for 329.98 at TigerDirect - Seems like a decent deal. Also, about the EULA…READ IT!

Wow that sold fast. I read 10 comments then went to click ‘I want one’ and it was gone.

I wonder if they really sold out, or if it got cut off because of the shirt-woot hour??

Problem is it looks like they only had one…

Just would not be a woot off without the ipod touch! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am shopping for one of these right this moment. Unfortunately, I need white. I’m considering buying it anyway and spray painting it.

Apple has been running this commercial lately for the iPod Touch where a bunch of teens are dancing around in tight jeans. One of them looks like Howard Stern at age 16 and should be arrested for ‘Felonious Apparel’. Plus, he is probably not going to be able to reproduce if he continues with the tight jean look. I own an iPad and an iPhone, but the tight jeans commercial was almost enough to make me take a sledgehammer to both and join team Android! So, take a stand against tight jeans and don’t buy the iPod touch!!! Or do, I guess. Also, I would like to apologize at this time to any lover of tight jeans that I may have offended.

Missed it - unlucky time to be away from the 'net. Would have been a good time to replace the one I have with a busted-up screen (but still works).

Total woots: 18

This may be a silly question, but what can the IPOD be used for other than an MP3 player and download “free” games? I want to get one but need to utilize it to the max. Suggestions ???

Got wifi? Then web access opens tons of apps and web-based opportunities. I use mine as a portable web browser, IMDb queries (via IMDb app), TCM (via TCM app), a gaming platform, weather forecasts, Google Maps, video streaming, PDA… and did I mention, as iTunes music player. It’s like having a miniature Mac in my pocket.