Apple 32GB or 64GB iPad 3rd Gen

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Great Revivews for the 16GB

**Item: **Apple 32GB or 64GB iPad 3rd Gen
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Will Apple release New tablets next week?

iPads, all the cool kids have 'em!

Beats the refurb prices at the Apple Store, but if these aren’t refurbed BY Apple, I don’t know that I’d bite.

(Ha ha, see what I did there??)

No, next week is a developers conference where they announce new software. New hardware like the iPhone, iPods, and the iPad should be later this year in early September when they usually have their hardware event.

(However, we may see new MacBooks and desktop upgrades next week, but no portables)

Nah, just the kids that think it’s cool to have one without caring that there are better alternatives out there.

Thx. I love picking up refurb tablets on woot. You cant even tell they are refurb once you put them in a case/cover.

So I am guessing that these are not refurbished by Apple then?

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the 32gb version over at gave this an “outstanding” review

If it doesn’t carry the 1 Year Apple like other offers had, then you can presume it’s refurbished by a third-party company.

Refurbished by Apple gives a 1-year warranty, so no.

Not true, the iPads and Macs usually get released in the spring and iphones and pods are in the fall.

Except one year where there was two new iPads in one year.

I still love my Sony Tablet S that I bought right here from woot!

I have a 3rd Gen iPad. I’m using it to write this post.

I waited to pick up an iPad until they installed a high res (“retina”) screen like they put in the iPhone 4 over a year prior, and it was worth the wait.

Apple silently released the 4th Gen iPads late last year with a lightning connector instead of the old 30-pin and an updated processor. I haven’t used one of those. I’m sure the current model is faster than these 3rd Gens, but I haven’t found myself wanting a faster device. I do most of my computing – web surfing, social networking, emailing, article-reading, “gaming,” etc. – on a 3rd Gen iPad and it has served me well.

That said, I am looking forward to the redesigned iPads in September :smiley:

This is true, as I remember the iPad 2 that I am using right now was released on May 5.

these have same processor as ipad 2. the ipad 4 is twice as fast.

save your $ and buy a mini.