Apple 3G 8GB iPhone - Black

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Apple 3G 8GB iPhone - Black
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MB046LL/A Black 8GB iPhone

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where is the pile of crap?

Anyone get their Walley World iPhone yet??

Will this work with my Droid?

Feh. Next?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not another phone for those of us that aren’t that smart?

You can get a 3GS, the latest model, for $97 new at Walmart. Of course, that requires a 2yr contract, but why would you pay 3.5x for a refurb of last year’s model?


Wand Turf Frank is this Slit?

Didn’t walmart just drop these down to $99?

Walie World, 3GS for $98 bucks, by bucks I mean deer skins.

I think there is an app for that

I’ve noticed alot of the prices during this woot-off have been higher than regular retail. There haven’t been any “deals” at all.

Why is this a ‘deal’? They sell these refurbed from time to time at Apple for less than this.

You could even find them at ATT for $49 a few weeks ago…pay the $250 early termination fee and it’s STILL cheaper than this deal.

If this was @ $200…then yeah…but not at this price…


exactly what i was thinking.

Best I could find was $380 at newegg

I cannot believe I missed that Cuisinart blender! Something I actually would have bought!


Not mention it will be 2 generations old when the new one comes out in 2 weeks.

Shot and skinned with equipment from sporting goods!