Apple 42mm Apple Watch

I have to agree $279 for a refurb and not even a factory refurb is a fail. If I had a reason to go to Chicago this morning - I’d probably pick up a new one for $249.

Too funny - I just noticed that they have the “improved” bands for sale on the electronics page. After Woot fleeces you on the watch with a crappy band, you can spend more money on a better band. I might consider a non-factory refurb watch for $159. $199 for an Apple refurb.

I thought these were the stupidest thing ever when they first came out. And then my BF got me a sports edition for Christmas…and I LOVE it. I can’t live without it now.

I’ve had mine since they came out, and I couldn’t live without it now. It saves my having to turn my phone on hundreds of times a day… it’s great for email/text/app notifications obviously, but it also saves time when you DO pull your phone out, or sit down at a pc, because you already deleted the day’s BS on the watch as it came in.

Also great for flagging songs for deletion when your hands are in dishwater… “hey siri, rate this song one star”. “hey siri, set a timer for 30 minutes”.

I don’t know if woot’s price is fair, but you won’t regret buying the watch.