Apple 5W USB Power Adapter - 2 Pack

**Item: **Apple 5W USB Power Adapter - 2 Pack
Price: $14.99
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Condition: New

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No Cord?

No. These are cordless chargers.

In for 6. Xmas for the iPod Touch/iPhone owners in my family.

(Bought a few from another daily-deals site recently, and they were counterfeit.)

Apple includes the cord with all of the iDevices…they just don’t include a power adapter for the iPods. I guess they figure you will charge it off your computer.

Who knows, maybe the next auction will be for the cords! lol

We sold the cords earlier in the woot-off. :tongue:

Yes, these are authentic Apple adapters. However, they are likely bulk purchase and will not come in a retail box. Don’t fret. It’s just cheaper without all the fancy packaging.

Artoo! Try and increase the power!

A nice write-up of how these are better / safer than the $5 generic ones:

I thought maybe he was kidding so I went back and looked…yep, USB to lightning cords were in the woot-off yesterday afternoon for $9.99.

Just a heads up, 5W @ 5V = 1 Amp, which isn’t enough juice to charge an iPad while it’s being used (iPad requires 2.1A). I don’t know about the iPhone 5, but I think the iPhone 4 works fine with a 1 Amp charger.

are you serious I missed that? I have lots of these things, I need more lightning cables…

I’m so mad I could go outside and stick my hands in my pockets while kicking a small pebble. Phooey!