Apple 64GB Gen 3 iPod Touch

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Apple 64GB Gen 3 iPod Touch
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Grab it. Grab it quick!

Please only have 3…

That will slow us down.

Think this one will last longer?

Why are they using a picture of a Gen 4 iPod Touch?

Still waiting on that Roomba

Woot = Apple’s clearinghouse?

Woot must have stock in Apple. Every other item is something for iphone, ipod or some other apple junk

tooooooo ffffffaaaaasssssssssttttttttt

Those poor people at Woot have finally lost their minds. Or . They found a drug dealer in Seattle…

sellout.woot has it $10 cheaper.

Greatest Writeup ever!

is that a camera on this ipod?

Can we say that he’s back now? How in the WORLD did you pull up that old post that fast? By the way, I think this is 125 or 126 items on day 1.

Will this work on a mac?

They are getting lazy…

You get twice the GB for only $10 more than the one on Sellout.woot