Apple 64GB iPad 3rd Gen

**Item: **Apple 64GB iPad 3rd Gen
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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even with the … i failed

box of chorizo… I want to go to there…


Yeah, me too. Thought I had a chance on this one.

Nice work, trep1.

all of the boc urls show that they were all bought right when the woot off started. has never been able to give this type of fair chance to before. The URLs always leak out, with this, the treasure map, all of these “fair chance” promotions. I miss the days of server roulette

They weren’t purchased when the Woot Off started, that’s the start date of the URLs. The URLs are open but we’ve disguised them so that Bots don’t sweep them up.
The treasure map was an awesome addition, I agree. Some folks were able to breach a lot of issues there as well too.

I tend to agree with you about the latter part of your post, but I’m not sure that’s an efficient way of running the show either.
I dunno. (this isn’t bait, just wanted to clarify the whole “bought at beginning Woot-Off” bit)

To add to this, if you look at the hourly bar chart, it shows the time of the purchase and that’s matching the time the sale was launched.

how was the speed to first woot 22+hr ago?

or is that when the url was active? but if that is so the other speed to first woot shows about 12min, so that would still look to me that it was bought shortly after the url becoming active 23hr ago