Apple 64GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi

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Apple 64GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi
Price: $309.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Oct 20 to Thursday, Oct 23) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the product page and very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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I got one of these from Apple refurb store about a year and a half ago. After upgrade to ios 7 it started to act erratically, typing automatically and jumping from app to app by itself! On Google I found that others had same problem and they had no solution for it. My warranty was expired by then. It is about useless now. Any help appreciated,

Try upgrading it to iOS 8?

Yes, same problem continues. I was hoping that would fix it, but no,it didn’t.

As far as I can tell, this is the same version that Apple is selling for $379 at their website, but they only have the white & silver version in stock. And they advertise that as a “Special Limited Time Price.”

Nothing wrong with this deal. About $50-75 cheaper than the same products at Apple’s refurb store.

If you’re looking for an iPad mini for the holiday season right around the corner you probably won’t find a better price for a “new” one.

Just keep in mind new iPads are going to be announced tomorrow, out for sale next Friday. So it’s a question of bargain, which this is, versus better at likely higher price.

In general, I have the Retina Mini, and it’s my favorite device. Perfect form-factor for many things, from using as a notebook at work, to being the best size for most games. This one here might soon be underpowered for advanced games though.

This is a good deal. This is not the latest model but it is still current. This model runs the latest software upgrade and is still sold in stores. Since these are are Woot, I’m guessing the rumors of a new model being announced soon are true, but if Apple follows pattern, this model will continue to get software updates for at least a year. As others have posted, it’s significantly cheaper than what Apple is selling for.

Btw, I already have a mini and it’s a great size to carry around. It fits in many purses as well as the side pocket of backpacks or computer bags.

I have noticed with my iPhones that Apple gradually obsoletes older devices with each new iOS. It’s pretty obviously their way of forcing you to buy new devices, issuing software upgrades that make your older device quit working. Pretty shoddy business practice in my opinion.

We had the iPad 2, and it eventually started doing this. Unfortunately, there is no fix for it. We just had to trash ours, which was pretty lousy.

My iPad acted up after an upgrade. I did a complete reset and erase. and it works great.

I have a mini I’ve had for almost 2 years - started with iOS 6 and have since upgraded to iOS 7 and now iOS 8.02. I have not had operating system issues. I really like my mini, but let’s face it, the iPad mini is a dying platform - with the iPhone 6 Plus and the bigger Android phones getting to the point where you can do as much on them as you can on the mini in terms of reading and browsing (though not quite as much for document work), I doubt we’ll see much further development of the mini. A pity.

But, my next iPad will be a full size - as I need to do a lot of document work on it - and it will be both WiFi and 4G. No question.

If you’re looking for the size format, and you want iOS instead of Android (which I certainly did…) this isn’t a bad deal.

It is a great product but do not install IOS 8 into this Ipad! You will regret it.

I have had this since it was originally introduced. I have always kept it updated with the most current ios and have not experienced any issues. I do however wait a couple weeks before I install the upgrades. I like to let the early adopters shake out the kinks first. But after 2 years I still use it daily and it works great!

I am considering getting this for a gift for my kid. Any one who bought a reconditioned one prior no what kind of cosmetic shape it is in? I do not want to try to save a few bucks if it looks anything but like new.

Since it’s listed as a “factory refurb”, I assume it was refurbished by Apple. If so, it’s going to be pretty much in “like new” condition. I purchased the 32 GB version of this same device and I’ve been happy with it.

All of my Apple devices (5th gen iPod w/ Video, 4th gen iPod Touch, 32GB iPad mini) have been bought refurbished and I haven’t had problems with any of them.

One benefit if you buy directly from Apple, they still qualify for AppleCare extended warranty. Something to consider if you’re going to buy a refurbished Apple device from any place.