Apple 8GB 4th Generation iPod Nano

Soooo tempting… but the one I have will suffice. Hopefully I don’t lose it in 2 days…

The purple one almost looks blue. shrug

can i get a pink one? Its so purdy.

Does it come with matching color headphones?

Some company called “Apple” claims to sell these on their website for $149.

Ya, 30gb ipod vid for $99, I would rather have that…but I am still successful as far as resisting apple, I’m boycotting that shizaaa

i need a new one so bad… but got a new phone yesterday, cant afford this now :frowning:

If my good ol’ 4th gen original black and white screen 20gb ipod conked out, I’d consider getting this but, eh. don’t need it. good value i’d imagine though.

50 bucks off, not a bad deal. I’d buy one of each color, if I could. It’s a fashion accessory!

refurb 8 gig nano from apple, $99.00 SHIPPED…this is no deal here…

But you can buy it from for $30 less.

I’m almost considering buying this so I can play Peggle on my iPod again. I have no idea why they won’t port that to the iPhone.

Hey so do these come with color matching earbuds?!?!?! THEY BETTER!!!

you know… actually, these aren’t all that bad, minus the part where you gotta replaced the whole thing if the battery dies of course, lol. as long as i can get the color i want, i’d say cool… oh wait… then there’s that factor that i don’t like apple products that begin with ip… iphone, ipod, idunno… just bothers me for some strange odd reason.


I took a look cause I’ve been wanting to finally invest into an iPod, but saw that these are refurbished. :confused: No thanks, I’ll take new.

Just in case you don’t know what an MP3 is:

If you factor in shipping, this is still cheaper than the cheapest option on amazon.

Happy birthday, Marcia! We used the iPods to decorate your cake. They’re like skittles.

What it comes down to is if you pay $30 more at the Apple Store, you get Apple’s one-year warranty (yes, they apply those to refurbz as well, I own a revurb Mac) instead of the 90-day Woot warranty. Otherwise it should be the exact same refurbished product.

I own a 16GB blue one and I use it every day, well worth every penny. I do strongly recommend buying a charger, like this one

for $.50, which prevents using a USB port on your computer, charges faster, and is less annoying

and I own that charger and it works perfectly, doesn’t overcharge the battery and make it explode