Apple 8GB Gen 5 iPod Nano Woot Info Post is a bag of crap

Apple 8GB Gen 5 iPod Nano [Refurbished] - $84.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Apple MC027LL/A Silver 8GB Gen 5 iPod Nano

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save 40+shiping

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Apple 8GB Gen 5 iPod Nano
$84.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MC027LL/A Silver 8GB Gen 5 iPod Nano

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Hey, $9 cheaper (after shipping) than what Apple sells them for:

will THIS work with my iPhone???

…seems nothing around here does :wink:

get this one rather than the ipod nano/shuffle they’re selling this generation. this one has a larger screen and video camera.

Is it sad that I would rather get a Sansa then this?

Finally something wonderfully woot-y!

the only thing that will work with your Iphone is a brick droped onto it

But do the headphones match the color of the Nano? The headphones much match!!

I read the text and it says the condition is “new” yet the title says refurb. Anyone know which it is?

I am sure that someone will figure it out and before long we will get to purchase different colored earbuds!! heck, maybe even tie-dye, how groovy!

funny a lot of people have told me that

i was using a flip phone until a couple days ago and it got full service at my house and practically everywhere i went

this stupid iPhone gets 2 bars at my house
wtf gives?? lol

yay it plays music and has GPS
but im already starting to not like it

I’m wondering that myself…

remember, if its too good to be true…

then its a woot-refirb :slight_smile:

Not at all, dude. Different strokes for different folks. Be proud you are a stroker.