Apple 8GB iPod Nano Graphite – Current Generation

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Apple 8GB iPod Nano Graphite - Current Generation
$124.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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lots of ipods

$139.99 plus free shipping on Amazon

can you ever offer enough Apple?

Apple stuff is all way overpriced.

I have a touch and an ipad. This would be overkill.

This is another quality post.

Only $5 less than I can get it for down the street. Add shipping and its a wash.

This thing rules got mine in LE red. amazing for working out.

nano nano

at 1.5", why not just make it a wristband, like an old Casio watch?

Considering that not even big businesses like Best Buy seem to be able to offer Apple products at a discount, it’s impressive that Woot! can sell them with even a small discount.

I’m tempted but like you, overkill. In this house of 3 people we have 2 iPhones, an iPad, an old gen nano, a new one like this and the U2 video iPod.

I think we have enough “i” stuff