Apple 8GB iPod nanos (5th Gen)

Does this come with Apple 1 year warranty on refurbished products?

I’ve used an 8gb 5th Gen daily for the past 3 years. It’s a rock solid product and has never failed me. I feel like this was the best designed ‘wheel’ Nano Apple made.

There’s a ton of super cheap, soon to be out dated 30-pin accessories out there now too.

Be Warned: Woot has pictures of games on the screen. But Apple no longer supports classic games. The classic games that come with it are all you get.

The come with a 90-day woot warranty. You can purchase a SquareTrade 1-year plan if you like though. See the sale page for each item for more information.

Had one and loved it until the battery took a dump and it would no longer carry a charge.

This type of iPod is great for audiobooks. When I first started using my gen 4, it was pretty terrible…but they have improved the software a lot since then. I love mine and don’t want to go to the touch screen model…so I am looking seriously at that green one as a backup.

My husband dropped his in the toilet twice, put it through the washer and drier, and dropped it four stories. It lasted almost 4 years, and the screen might have crapped out after the drop, but that thing stills plays music.

Thunderthighs: do we know if the refurb process here included battery replacement? As others have noted, battery degradation has been an issue on these, but if they are new batteries I’m all over it.

Sorry, but we don’t have specifics on the refurbishing process.

I’ve been rocking a 8GB 5th Gen for years now and my battery is just now starting to fade. Still holds a charge for a few hours of listening, but not length it used to. I highly recommend the product for the price!

Seems like a very good deal for the price and even compared to the cheapo Sandisk ones. However, after my wife and I have gone through at least 5 or 6 different Ipods in the last 5 years, I hesitate to buy another. What happened was the scroll wheel or the power switch went out on each one, and the Apple stores or service centers said it would be cheaper to just replace it with a new one at that point. In fact, the cheap Sandisk player I bought on Woot about 6 years ago is still going strong and has outlasted those 5-6 different Ipods!

I’d probably be in for this if I knew about the battery situation. I had a 4th gen 8gb and it was great until the battery crapped out late last year and Apple wanted the price of a new Nano in order to replace the battery. I have no use for a tiny touch screen device when I need a tactile play/pause function so I don’t have to look down while driving.

This is the best gen nano IMO. Though I must say, my ONLY issue is that the battery does seem to be going. Harder and harder to hold a change.

Had mine about 3 years before it started having issues. I used it EVERYday.

Now I just use my Galaxy S3 or Sandisk Clip+.

I have one of these that I use for my daughter. I have an iHome dock speaker/lamp combo by her bed and I put a bunch of audio books on the iPod (winnie the pooh, Skippy John Jones, Curious George…whatever I find at the library) and some music. She gets to choose what to listen to each night and it has done wonders at keeping her in bed and helping her get to sleep. The battery isn’t a problem because it’s always on the dock. I’ve had it about 4 years now so it will be interesting to see how the battery does when she starts carrying it around and using it with headphones. She asked me the other day to put some “fun” music on it so she can us it like her cousin did (8 yr old who stayed with us). I might have to grab one of these since it sounds like my old one might not do well off the dock.

Totally agree! I have one on my iPod alarm clock for audiobooks before bed. Going strong for a few years now, only thinking of replacing it to get more space…but it’s a beast and so cute!

Think I have five of these now, and I may add another at this price. Too lazy to change the music, so keep one for Classical, one for rock, one for Christmas, etc. Not sure if they are fifth generation, but most of them are refurbs bought from Woot. Never had a problem with any of them.

very tempting. if i didn’t already have 2 ipods that are just sitting around not being used i would be in for one. 5th gen was my personal favorite because they kept it nice and slim and the video recording was a big plus. i took it snowboarding and every now and then would pull it out to video some riding and i have to say, for an ipod the recordings were pretty impressive

In for the silver one. Does anyone know who did the refurb.? Is square trade @10.99 a good idea on this?

As a satisfied owner of a 16 gb version of this, I’d also be in for one or two if I knew the battery was new. The videos this takes, while not outstanding, are decent, and gives added value to the product. I still have hours of China vids on mine. Just can’t jump not knowing about battery possibly being three plus years old.

Battery replacement service is available through Apple (expensive) or third party.I haven’t used them (less expensive) but an option: You can also buy battery and self install if you have the skills.