Apple 8GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Good deal, refurb one goes for $169.99 on apple store.

180 at amazon

Is there such thing as a 3rd generation? Amazon lists 2nd generation as the newest model…

I have one or I’d get this… but it’s still not a Bag of crap!

They can be found for around 160 used

does this work with my new ipad?

No. Terrible deal. Same price as Amazon refurb.

Why should I buy one of these instead of one straight from apple with a one year warranty?

This is a pretty small ipad…

3rd generation 8GB is the same as the 2nd generation.

Does this thing work with a Mac?

Ah yes, I much prefer my refurbished Zune. Good day, all.

it’s refurbished and cheaper. A refurbished Apple product is as good as new. If you want the engraving, then skip this and purchase it on

Want this in my box of cereal

I have 16 and 32 GB versions of these. While I really like the device itself, I find iTunes cumbersome and controlling. This appears to be the theme for Apple. I was contemplating buying more Apple hardware but given the recent press and their continued heavy handed approach, I don’t think I’ll be buying more.

what’s the deal with the adventure links?

Darn… I took the adventure again hoping there would be more BOC at the end.

There isn’t.

Anyone else notice how this is the April Fools Day Woot! Your own adventure? It even has the clickable options at the bottom.

I just bought a new one at Best Buy for $176 and some change last week. They price-matched This seems high to me for a refurb.