Apple 8GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation Woot Info Post
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Apple 8GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation [Refurbished] - $149.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple MC086LL/A 8GB Gen 3 iPod Touch

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Yeah, still bored. Here’s the Apple site.

I am a gadget happy geek…

and my iPod touch is my favorite gadget.

Here is what they go for on amazon:

Most sell for over 200 no matter where you look. So its a good pretty solid deal.

This is about $30 less than the 2nd generation model on amazon.

Current generation is going for $169.00 on apple’s website

Can I use this as a phone?

Tons of reviews on Buzzillions. 4.7 star average (which is insanely good).

can i skype with this?

or, for $25, you can get a new one from amazon…

It’s not actually physically a 3rd generation. It just has OS 3.0

Very Important:

The 8GB 2nd gen and 3rd gen are identical in every way.

This means you will NOT be able to upgrade this to 4.0 this summer.

cinoclav thinks we can’t find the Apple site.

Nah, I'm just too tired to read the product description.

Would you prefer a [cnet review](  (Don't have that one in there, huh?  Huh?)

Jake was right. The 8gb 3rd generation iPod Touch’s are not as fast as the 32gb and 64gb models. Which means you wont be able to have multi-tasking when iPhone OS4.0 comes out.

Wrong. This 8GB model will NOT run 4.0. It is still a 2G inside, it just has the 3.0 software on it.

Are these things durable? They are so thin and seem extremely fragile. I have a 120g Classic and it has lasted me almost 3 years.

So add another 20 bucks… just sayin’… they don’t free-upgrade the OS for the Touch, only the iPhone…

just sayin’…

Same price at Amazon

Look under refurbished

No, but you just sent the writer into a fetal position crying.