Apple 8GB iPod touch - Current Gen



Here is a little demo for how much music 8GB holds

At Constant 320/kbps

2 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes, 8 seconds
(3579 minutes total)
79 albums (at an estimated 45 minutes per album)

Listenable 192/kbps constant

4 days, 3 hours, 25 minutes, 13 seconds
(5965 minutes total)
132 albums (at an estimated 45 minutes per album)

(and if you’re into listening to tin cans and muddy garbage)
128/kbps constant

6 days, 5 hours, 7 minutes, 50 seconds
(8947 minutes total)
198 albums (at an estimated 45 minutes per album)


One more attempt to get an answer from a mod regarding the pricing here: Apple sells this exact item for $169, which includes shipping and a 1-year warranty. Adding Woot’s $5 shipping and SquareTrade’s $22.99 1-year warranty to this price, I get $167.98. For a total savings of $1.02. Why on earth isn’t this item cheaper?


Some people live dangerously and would rather save 25 dollars than waste money on a warranty?

Or did I miss something and squaretrade warranty is now required on all purchases?


It is cheaper, by a dollar and two cents! Don’t spend it all in one place!


If you have a SquareTrade 30% off coupon (which I just so happen to have had for today), you get a two year warranty, instead of one, for only $24. This will be going to my 12 year old, so that was definitely worth it to me.


Does this have FM radio built in. Then again I could just download I heart radio but I would have to be connected to wifi


does anybody know if Apple is coming out with the new generation of ipod touch in sept?


No, no radio. I just download podcasts and audiobooks and listen when I want to.


Who knows? But the 4th gen version is 2 years old.


I already bought this anyway so…meh.

Does this gen have a microphone built in? Or do I have to buy one separately?

This is my first ipod. I know, lame!


Where did you find it on apple for 169?
Their online store has it for 199:


Think we can assume Woot’s price is based on what they have to pay for their supply plus a profit. If you can hook Woot up with another company that will sell to them at a lower price,I bet Woot will lower their price as well.
If I were in the market for one of these I would buy it from Apple,but that’s me.


Definitely buy the warranty…you will need it.


Who did the refurb? If apple did it then you could feel confident that it would be like a new one, if it was some other place then you can risk scratches and blemishes on the outside and who knows what type of repair on the inside.


I’ve had bad experiences with batteries in the Woot refurb iPod’s. I’ve bought 3 of them (32gb) at different times. Only 1 of the 3 worked out of the box (for about 3 months before the battery wouldn’t charge). The other two had issues right out of the box where the battery would not take a full charge. It took me almost a month to get the refund back on my credit card. I may just be unlucky, or the quality control of refurbs is sub-standard… as always caveat emptor


In the refurb section, so it’s comparing apples to apples (hah!):


RD, I had the same issue - battery wouldn’t charge. I mentioned this before on a previous sale as a heads up to people buying them. I wish Woot would let us know who the suppliers are - I trust Woot, but the quality control on these doesn’t seem to be here if it’s the same supplier as the past. Smooth back, not the normal Apple back.

My advice is to test it right away - don’t just turn it on like I did. Run it down and charge it back up to make sure it really works, charges fully and holds the charge after being drained. (I turned it on, made sure it came on and then put it aside for a gift - only to find out later it didn’t recharge after losing its initial/partial charge. Very disappointing.)

That said - the condition of the screen was flawless, I was happy with the appearance, as I mentioned it didn’t have the normal iPod back, it’s totally smooth - but it didn’t look used.


If this one costs too much for you, check your local Craigslist for one with a broken screen.

I got a 32GB one for $50. $25 worth of screen later and I have a working iPod. There are guides all over the place, and it’s not particularly hard to do.

edit: the refurbs often have smooth backs because the people refurbishing them polish the hell out of them, and the etching gets worn off.


Given Woot! doesn’t say whether this is Apple factory refurbished nor whether it’s covered by Apple’s warranty, I’ll pass. It looked like a great deal, but too many unknowns. I’m not dropping that amount of cash on a gamble when what I want is a working product.