Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Gen)

Product site: iPod touch - Official Apple Support


So Steve Jobs can track my every move? No thank you!

Is the built-in covert tracking by Apple with IOS 4.0 an optional feature? :wink:

Epic writeup. Highlight the negatives BEFORE the perks. Kudos, Woot!

Product features

Is retina display really all that?

Looks to be a pretty good deal. It’s $30 less than the refurb from Apple.

Does this work with my mac? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to upgrade to the current generation but 8GB is not nearly enough.

cheaper than current woot, same item

[STAFF: USED and currently unavailable, plus more expensive shipping,]

the hidden tracking software has turned me off to ALL Apple products.

Re-Tina display? No no please no more Tina

I think im going to stick with my 2nd generation I-touch without the cameras theres noting to break which mean this thing will live as long as I do

Amazon has a 32GB 4th ed. for $279, and it isn’t refurbished. I think the extra $110 (more than Woot’s price for the 8GB) is worth paying to get more storage space and all.

The Playstation Network is down so I thought I’d come here and bother you guys. I can’t play You Don’t Know Jack or Warhawk! :frowning:

Yah. It looks pretty awesome.

It is one of the most gorgeous-looking mobile displays you can get, but it isn’t that awesome. Colors really pop and text looks great but most people wouldn’t notice unless you pointed it out.

What are the risk with buying a refurbished unit?

I believe it is only the phone versions not the pod versions that get the tracking “feature”.