Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Gen)

Product specs and such @ Amazon

I think this is by far the longest product writeup/product information page in woot history.

these go for 200$ on ebay all day long, good deal

Finally, an iPod to go with those iPod chargers Woot loves to sell every few days…

Completely agree pal. But I have found new for $190 here with free shipping.

EEEEKs can buy brand new for 200$ on|B001FA1O0O&CPNG=electronics&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B001FA1O0O&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

Not a bad deal. New these things run $229.

Again with the refurbs. Got one previously @woot. Good product, but the back came all scratched. I complained and they told me that is not refurb by woot or apple and they do not change the back.

A few more bucks and you can get a brand new one on Amazon with a full warranty.

But then again, i havent had any problems with my refurb and saved some bucks.

Camera is terrible on this, don’t buy this if you’re considering using the camera a lot.

And 8gb isn’t enough space anymore in reality if you like Apps and Music. I have a 32GB iPod 3rd gen and its almost full due to the sheer size of Apps and Music/Videos I have on it.

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Previous woot!

The fact that it’s not reconditioned by Apple turns me off.

Dudes! Why whenever I try to share this with my friends does it ALWAYS post yesterdays damn deal? What is up with that? Doesn’t do anyone any food when they can’t share something that is avail for purchase

Don’t ever buy electronics at Target! Do your homework - their return policies are, in a word, terrible. If they claim you broke it, they won’t take it back, and you’re stuck with a dead device. Search the web, As Obi-Wan said “Search the Web, Luke, and trust your feelings about Target”.

This is a good deal.

Not that this has anything to do with what you said except for target being bad for refunds.

I find Best Buy to be really good when it comes to refunds. They never ask me questions. One week I returned 3 products to them because I kept buying the wrong A/V cord. Got cash every time.

Bought this from Woot last time, and my wife loves it.

This isn’t that great a deal it’s only 8 gig and I’ve seen tons of these new or almost new for less on craigslist. 32 gig was like 229 a few weeks back

8 gig with apps suck up the memory quick and with songs pay a few more for gig space

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well,dont break it

theres an app for that