Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Gen)

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Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Gen)
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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No thanks. “I’m a PC”

Just bought one a couple of months ago. Great companion to my Android phone.

Still contend with my dinosaur 30GB Zune. Nice though.

I have a 32G last Gen and man, do I love that thing.

damnit im in the mood for a bag of parc!!!

QFT. Still don’t like Apple’s walled garden business model. And the forced obsolescence. And all that stuff.

RIP Steve, though. He was a great man.

$175 fOR an 8gb refurb…I don’t think so, wasting our time here

add$30 and I get new white one…

Good deal – too bad they aren’t offering up the 32 or 64GB versions…

Still TOO much!

Woot needs to update their pricing. You can buy a brand new 8GB Touch for $199.

Maybe I should replace my first gen. But it’s 16GB, not going to downgrade storage.

I just ordered an iPhone 4s, is there any reason why I would want this? Is there any advantage to having both devices or would it just be redundant?

Yes, give it to your kid, and you will be left alone for some time, otherwise you will have to buy him IPhone and end up paying 25$ for data every month. That’s what I am doing.

Seriously? you think $169.99 for 8GB is worth it? come ON! I’ve had my 30GB Zune running just fine for years and it holds nearly four times the songs, videos, photos, and files that a fully-incompatible-with-my-Win7-PC iPod would ever hold. Oh, and it only cost me $70.00!

Get REAL! Why would anyone waste their money on this?

Well, the Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone parts. You would save your phone battery using the Touch for music, media, etc.

IPod Touch is not just an MP3 player. Can you browse the WEB, check email, watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube,make phone calls with skype and google voice, play thousands and thousands of games, and use huandreds of thousands of apps on your Zume.
Yes, no?
Didn’t think so