Apple 8GB iPod Touch with Retina Display & Facetime (Current Generation)

If I had $195, I’d be all over this. Sadly, I don’t have that much cash. :frowning:

I have the this iPod touch, and let me just say, the Retina Display is amazing. Pretty good price, too.

If these are official Apple refurbs (which I think they are), the outer shell is BRAND NEW, which means no scratches. You wouldn’t be able to tell it was refurbed! Great deal.

not so sure about this…

In for 1 baby, cute little fellar…

Apple store’s refurb/clearance section:

Longest product detail description ever.

I wonder, is the retina display really all that? I have the 3rd gen, and it looks pretty dang good…

Why not pay $15 more and get it new from Amazon?

This doesn’t seem like that good of a deal. Or am I missing something?

190 for a refurb? No thanks woot. Amazon had these new and it was a way better deal.

That’s the previous generation. This is the current generation with front camera.

Can it run Android?

That link is for previous generation, but the description for today’s deal says this is the current generation.

edit: looks like rmeden beat me to it

There aren’t a crap ton of reviews yet for this model, but the few that are on Alatest are good. 100/100 good.,287/

Pretty good price? $195 for a refurb. 8GB?
I bought new for $175 at w a l m a r t during Thanksgiving. (with $50 store card with the purchase)

I’d so buy you if I didn’t own your momma, mrs. iPad

It’s 209.99 through Amazon (no tax and free shipping) - brand new. My local BestBuy is even selling it for 209.99 (+5% sales tax). I’m not one to pay less than 10% off for a refurb, no matter who did the refurb-ing.

If you buy this, you MUST buy a gel case or better. If you drop it from any height - 2 inches or 2 feet - the front glass will shatter. Apple doesn’t cover this as warranty work (duh), and you’ll be out $100.

/personal experience

Refurb. this can be had for the same or even a bit less on ebay too