Apple 8GB iPod Touch with Retina Display & Facetime (Current Generation)

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Apple 8GB iPod Touch with Retina Display & Facetime (Current Generation)
$189.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Wait a minute, who makes this again?

I like my old one, but I’m also expecting a lot of new Android tablets coming out. And I do enjoy not being locked into iTunes. I picked up a cheap Coby. It’s crude, but it shows what is heading our way. If they used a better screen (as with the Touch) I’d be a happy camper.

DO NOT PURCHASE!! I got one about a month ago at woot, same price. Device works, but the back side comes ALL SCRATCHED. Woot only changes the front.

Look it up in Amazon. Better warranty. Not so expensive.

(I was … literally … the first sucker for this item last time)

[STAFF MOD NOTE: Uhm, we don’t do the refurbing, you know…]

When I bought this from woot last time it took quite a while to ship (from New Jersey?) and then it arrived in a rolled up plastic shipping bag and the back of the iPod is extremely scratched and the iPod was glued into the box with a giant glob of glue that took forever to get off!

otherwise good B)

Got one for my fiance. Loves it. Only issue was that the packaging made it clear that it was pre-owned (pre-opened) and back had scratches on it. She just used the included Apple logo stickers to cover the back.

are these still only itunes compatible? no napster or anything??

17.5% for a refurbished 8GB iPod touch? Really Woot? I expected more from you.

brand new one from Apple is $229 and you get a 1 year warranty.

I got one for my girlfriend last year in July and it looked brand new.

If you are considering buying a touch screened mp3 player, just buy it (from amazon new). You will not be disappointed, there is nothing on the market right now that comes anywhere near to comparing to it.

Edit: I just realized what my comment sounds like it’s saying. I meant buy an iPod touch if you are considering buying a touch screened mp3 player. Buy it, but maybe from amazon or eBay new for just a little more $.

only $15 more shipped at Amazon for a new one.
less than 10% discount for a refurb? no thanks.

Honestly? You wouldn’t spend $15 more for a new one on Amazon? Woooot. What has become of you?

Totally Agree!

Buying a case for it is also another way to cover up the scratched-up back side. :slight_smile:

My personal review, updated:

We are a family of 4, and we own 4 iPod touches. When I first got mine, I was thinking that it was nice to have an mp3 player that could also surf the web. Then my wife and I went to the movies, and she dropped the cover to my ebook reader, and couldn’t find it in the dark. A nice guy behind us said “don’t you have the free flashlight function on your iTouch?” and helped us find the cover.

Of course, you can read ebooks on the iPod touch too.

Later that day we had to drive to an office, and my wife panicked because she didn’t know how to get to the address, and had left her GPS at work. iPod touch to the rescue again. Note that the Touch has a GPS-like feature that uses WiFi (described in links below).

iPhone, iPod Touch Get GPS-like Capability

iPhone and iPod Touch added with GPS-like capability

Apple “podmaps” patent reveals GPS-like directions for iPod

It even has an app ($10) that lets me watch TV broadcasts from my Hava Titanium HD (got it on Woot!).

I was never an Apple fan, but…

that only begins to explain why the iPod touch is my favorite gadget.

This also has voice control of your music (unlike the 8GB model), and you can buy earbuds with a microphone that work with it.

And many of the best apps and games are free, or very inexpensive. I’ve been playing the Texas Hold-em game lately.

I also like 5-0 Radio, which lets you listen to local police and emergency broadcasts. I get the game scores with the CBS Sports app, and of course, it has the great Woot app!

I’ve also been using mine to listen to audiobooks. And today I used it to settle an argument about local street names.

You can see movie ratings with the imdb app, and then see where they’re playing with Flixster. And sometimes you just want to set an alarm…

And my new favorite app is Tight VNC, which allows you to remote control your compute via wifi.

It’s much, much more than an mp3 player.

Lucky for you… Check other posts and see how other buyers had the same issue as I did.

(oh, and its true that shipping last about 8 days and comes glued in a pretty cheap way)

:(~ I just got the 32Gb on sellout.woot. It arrived last Saturday. It too was scratched like crazy and way over-glued to the packaging. I can live with that… if it worked. The headphone jack never worked and today it decided to just not even power on anymore. Return!

I guess it’s clear that Apple makes a killing on their iPhones. This iPod touch retina display is basically an iPhone4 without the 3g antenna (and less flash mem). Add 3g and Apple wants an extra $300-400 (refurb’d iPhone 4 OFF contract). The reality distortion field works wonders on the sheep…