Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Generation)

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So this Woot comes with the iPod this time?

Edit for content: I have this iPod (32GB version) and it’s great. If you don’t already have an iPod touch/iPhone and you want to get in on some App Store action, this is the best way to go right now.

One tip: the back scratches up SUPER easily, so if you care about that sort of thing, grab a case or an InvisibleShield type deal as soon as you can. Even laying it down on a table will scratch the back pretty bad.

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I will take the burden of answering the question that is always asked BEFORE someone asks it…

Yes. It works on a mac.

Sellout.woot has the same gen iPod, four times the capacity, for $50 more.

Personally, I’d go for the bigger hard drive…

My personal review, updated:

We are a family of 4, and we own 4 iPod touches. When I first got mine, I was thinking that it was nice to have an mp3 player that could also surf the web. Then my wife and I went to the movies, and she dropped the cover to my ebook reader, and couldn’t find it in the dark. A nice guy behind us said “don’t you have the free flashlight function on your iTouch?” and helped us find the cover.

Of course, you can read ebooks on the iPod touch too.

Later that day we had to drive to an office, and my wife panicked because she didn’t know how to get to the address, and had left her GPS at work. iPod touch to the rescue again. Note that the Touch has a GPS-like feature that uses WiFi (described in links below).

iPhone, iPod Touch Get GPS-like Capability

iPhone and iPod Touch added with GPS-like capability

Apple “podmaps” patent reveals GPS-like directions for iPod

It even has an app ($10) that lets me watch TV broadcasts from my Hava Titanium HD (got it on Woot!).

I was never an Apple fan, but…

that only begins to explain why the iPod touch is my favorite gadget.

This also has voice control of your music (unlike the 8GB model), and you can buy earbuds with a microphone that work with it.

And many of the best apps and games are free, or very inexpensive. I’ve been playing the Texas Hold-em game lately.

I also like 5-0 Radio, which lets you listen to local police and emergency broadcasts. I get the game scores with the CBS Sports app, and of course, it has the great Woot app!

I’ve also been using mine to listen to audiobooks. And today I used it to settle an argument about local street names.

You can see movie ratings with the imdb app, and then see where they’re playing with Flixster. And sometimes you just want to set an alarm…

And my new favorite app is Tight VNC, which allows you to remote control your computer via wifi.

It’s much, much more than an mp3 player.

Review at anandtech


IGN Gear Review

You still don’t get ours. Buy your own, sheesh.

Apple has either for 20$ more than their respective prices on woot. That 20$ buys you a year warranty from apple vs 90 days from woot.

Last month: $189.99
This month: $179.99

I’m tempted to wait another year and a half or so.

Does the face time camera allow you to take still pictures?

Please sell a zune. I’m sick of buying ipods from them to randomly stop working days or weeks after their warranty expires. Other people might be happy upgrading to the newest model every year, but I’d like one that works properly for a while.

Is there any reason why someone who owns an iPhone would want or need to own this iPod?


32 GB version on sellout.woot.

The camera allows still pictures and video. Face time is simply the app that allows video calls.

So… Am I to understand that this iPod device requires no subscription of any kind for web access?