Apple 8GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Generation)

Comparing an older iPod Touch 2G to the iPod Touch 4th Generation.

iPod Touch 4th Generation Review and Photos

Bigger hard drive is not necessarily better…
Its how you use it that counts…


Thanks for all the good info.

Ya’ll may just talk me into buying one.

2 devices means twice the battery life?

I don’t get this post. Am I missing a secret sale, because the 8 GB model on Apple appears to be $229, 50 dollars more, not $20.

You want to look at their refurbs:

(Woot’s offering is refurbished as well. Keep in mind that all Apple refurbs have a brand new outer “shell”, so it will appear to be brand new.)


5 Pages of info in posts when offered Feb. 13, 2011.

I have no desire to own apple products -

But - seems to me my Niece got one of these exact things at Cost Co last christmas for a little less than this and it was brand new.

weird eh? did they go up in value?

This is true, assuming you already have access to wifi. Of course, this is quite different than say, 3g or 4g web access.

Is it Rockbox compatible? & does Nightghost live in the Woot warehouse?

Here’s another Previous Woot by whatsamattaU for Jan. 13, 2011 with 10 Pages of info in posts that I found in Nightghost’s Previous Woot Feb. 13, 2011.

I just bought this for my daughter’s B-Day at Amazon for $15 bucks more or so with a $10 back Amazon credit (new)

No rebate now, but $205 brand new at Amazon. Linky:

OR… You can go to sellout.Woot and pick up the 32GB for $235… Had they had this b4, I would have purchased this for my kid.

Yes, you can Rockbox it, and I heard something about running Rockbox as an app on it too.

Rockbox iPod FAQ
Rockbox as an Application (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, WebOS etc.)

edit - my bad - misread - you need to run it as an app.

I would normally say that this would be the better deal, but Apple will also charge more for shipping and throw on some sales tax. In CA, that becomes significant.

So now I am out looking for coupons to reduce the price of the Square Trade Warranty, which has a good rep for quick service, and may supply the most economical way of the two options…

It sure can get a bit complicated to save a few bucks…

CORRECTION :: Their site says free shipping; guess I will give it a closer look…

So I’m typing this on my iPod. Same as the one here. I won mine at the company Christmas raffle. I never would have bought one but now that I have it I would never be without one. I can do most everything I do at my computer. Read email. Surf the web. Check my stocks. I even have a really cool Woot! app. After I jailbroke it and installed iBluever. I can now tether it from my blackberry and have full net capabilities on the road. Other than the smaller screen this does everything the iPad does at this point in time. Like the write up said you can fit it in your pocket.

Don’t even waste your money on a 8gb iPod. I have a 64gb and its already 3/5ths full with 30 movies, which I watch on my flights, tons of various music. Wait till a 32gb pops up here for sure.

To each his own. I love my 3rd gen Touch, but I wouldn’t dream of watching video for more than a minute or two on its little screen.

I do use it for streaming sports sometimes, if I don’t have my netbook or laptop.

Refurbished 32GB from Apple is $199

lol, He is employed by woot. And it is not Rockbox compatible.

Note that apps that require the gyro, which is found on the iPhone, won’t work on this, or need workarounds.

for example, constellation finders require you to pre-orient the unit.