Apple 8GB iPod Touch with Retina Display & Facetime (Current Generation)

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Apple 8GB iPod Touch with Retina Display & Facetime (Current Generation)
$189.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is $20 MORE than it was a few hours ago during this wootoff. [EDIT] That was a refurb and this is new, but still.

Also, this is only $10 below retail of the new version that just came out. You get a choice of colors, it’s pre-loaded with the newest software, and it’s $199 straight from Apple with free shipping and no taxes. They also still offer free engraving if I’m not mistaken.

In Woot’s defense, the $199 price point for the 8gb model is brand-new, and used to be $230, but I think if Woot wants to remain Woot-tastic, they’d have to bit the bullet and take a loss on these puppies.

Uhhhh… Is there a problem?

Another one? More expensive than the one a few hours ago? :frowning:

again? really?? come on. at least make it the same price.

Last one was refurbished, this one’s new.

Let’s do the time warp again!!

It’s NEW not refurb this time…

I think the previous was a refurb. This is new.

I don’t get it. Are we being punished?

this one is not refurbished

Yep, same thing 2hrs ago was $169.99…
Still do not want.

sry, last one was refurb and this is new.

lol, woot changes my d.o n.o.t w.a.n.t to “too many cookies” lol

First one was refurbished, this one is new.

this ones new, the other one was refurb

I’m pretty sure the other one was a refurb. This one is new.

It is new?

shhhhhh… its for those that have just joined us… great deal grab one or three, so we can get to the BOC

the other one was refurbished - this one is new!

Perhaps they put the wrong model up and the price reflects larger spaced one?

edit Nevermind sfmaniq solved the mystery.