Apple 9.7" iPad 2 (2011) Your Choice (S&D)

Apple 9.7" iPad 2 (2011) Your Choice (S&D)

Keep in mind these are so old you can’t update them beyond iOS9 and most apps require 10 or higher


Do not waste your money on the iPad 2. We still own ours. It was great in its time. And while technically there is nothing wrong with ours it is pretty much useless. Apps have abandoned iOS for the iPad, version 9 that this is stuck on.

We used it at the end as a remote for our old Pioneer AVR, but that receiver died so this iPad 2 collects dust.

I suppose it could limp along for checking email, but is slowwww even for that. And the browser it is stuck on really isn’t practical today.

A note about tablets - they have now pretty much matured, but had not done so with the iPad 2. That means the performance difference between generations was more dramatic back then. However, since the iPad 5 or 6, the performance differences between generations are not as great. What this means: if you want to use an iPad for several years, getting at least an iPad 6 will improve the odds.