Apple 9.7" iPad 5 (2017) Your Choice

Apple 9.7" iPad 5 (2017) Your Choice

Why? A brand new (iPad 8) is only $329…

Maybe it’s because the specs say this has a Quadro 2000? :crazy_face:

The form factor is important to some…

Needs perspective.

Ipad 8 32GB Wifi only = $329 vs $199

Ipad 8 128GB Wifi+Cellular = $529 vs. $269

I’ll leave it to everyone else to fill in the in-between models.

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Because this looks great for my kids, who can be rough on electronics sometimes. It’s worth it to save $129.

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This is the last version of the iPad that DOESN’T support the Apple Pencil. You may or may not care.

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Apple has some similar offerings with a new battery and case and a one year warranty

Further perspective…

The common street prices, new iPad 8, with Apple 1-yr warranty vs this used iPad 5 with 90-day Woot warranty:

iPad 8 32 GB $299 vs $199
iPad 8 128 GB $399 vs $250
(If you’re lucky enough to have a Microcenter nearby, $290 & $380.)

Since (mainstream) tablets had largely matured (not much average user performance bump per generation) by the iPad 5 or 6, the most important feature is what generation CPU? Each generation gets you another year of iOS/iPadOS upgrade.

iPad 5 A9
iPad 6 A10 (adds Apple Pencil 1 compatibility)
iPad 7 A10 (screen size bump from 9.7 to 10.2)
iPad 8 A12 (so three more years of iPadOS vs iPad 5)

Also, if you have “optimize photo” turned on, 32GB is very doable for the average user. We have two iPad 6 32GB’s and can keep a couple full seasons of series or several movies downloaded to it.

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so I sort of avoid woot now for refurbs. 32 gb wifi only is 199 woot but 219 amazon.
I have gotten refurb electronics from woot and battery was bad. woot says batteries are not covered.
amazon says - return this no questions asked.

Hi there. You’ve got a 30-day return policy if you’re unhappy with the item.

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ah, is that a no questions asked policy? I guess I did not realize that…

Here’s our return policy:

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