Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018) Your Choice (S&D)

Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018) Your Choice (S&D)

Can this be upgraded to IOS 11

Looks like it can go to 14.

Good luck upgrading to an obsolete, older, intermediate version of iOS. If this comes with iOS 10, your only option from Apple will be to take it all the way to iPadOS 14.

We have two iPad 6’s (paid $229 and $249 brand new) running iPadOS 14 perfectly well.

Wait a second - I believe the iPad 5 came with iOS 10. This iPad 6 should have launched with iOS 11, your desired (Not sure why) version…

The front page appears to be inaccurate, listing it as restored to original “iOS 10”. (The specs tab appears to accurately show iOS 11.)

Thanks for the note. We updated the features.