Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018) Your Choice (S&D)

Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018) Your Choice (S&D)

$250. Impressive. Wanna buy our perfect condition iPad 6’s for $240?

We paid $230 for them brand new and the typical street price was regularly $250 when they were the current models. (MSRP same as the latest model, $329.). The frequent street price for the current iPad 8, new, is $299.

Kidding aside, the iPad 6 still runs great and is Apple Pencil (gen 1) compatible, just like the current iPad 8 (2020).

Unfortunately, oddly, iPadOS does not report “Battery Health” like iOS does for iPhones, so other than by using it you won’t know the battery condition. FYI, a proper battery replacement by Apple is $99.

BTW, the average iPad user will find 32GB storage is enough as long as you turn on “Optimize Photos” which keeps a lower resolution photo on the iPad while keeping the original resolution photo in iCloud. When you open a photo, it the original resolution photo automatically downloads so you can view it, share it, or Airplay it to your TV.