Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018)

Apple 9.7" iPad 6 (2018)

We have a couple of these iPad 6’s. They still run OK, but certainly feel a bit sluggish at times. The way I’d evaluate this $150 refurbished price (no orange box making claims about the condition, so presumably “average” condition)…

Would I sell our perfect condition, always been in a case IPad 6’s for $150? Probably yes. In other words, I would not pay $150. These are probably worth $125-130 to me, at most. Note, it is iffy/unlikely that it will get iPadOS 17. (It did get iPadOS 16.)

Another way to frame it - the latest mainstream iPad, iPad 9 has a street price of $260-280 new, with Apple 1-year warranty and 64 GB of storage vs 32 GB for the iPad 6, 7, and 8. We do find 32 GB for general use is just fine, but at some point the operating system will eat into too much of that. While with older iPads, what you are mostly buying is another year of usability with each generation, now iPads have largely matured, so an iPad 9 is far more likely to last more years than an iPad 6, before feeling sluggish.

Performance tip if you have an older iPad or iPhone: back it up to iCloud, reset it to factory, then restore it from iCloud. Easy to do but requires some waiting time while it restores. You should not lose anything, including iMessages content - it all gets automatically backed up. Will make the performance more snappy and especially if you are storage-crowded, will clear out a ton of junk from storage. But note, after several months of usage, you might be back to doing the reset process again…

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