Apple A1661 iPhone 7 Plus 256GB - Your Choice Color

Have these phones been refurbished by Apple or a 3rd party? Are these the same as buying a refurbished iPhone through Apple?

Refurbished by 3rd party.

Just received mine, and as soon as it is plugged in, the right edge of the phone (Camera side) gets very warm/borderline hot immediately. Assuming a battery fault?

Because it is not covered by Apple as a refurbished phone, would I be able to return/exchange this to Woot? (I attempted to go to the seller’s website, and it is completely non-functional.)

If anyone is interested, no serious blemishes, a very tiny scuff on the Apple logo on the back, but otherwise fine. My only concern is the battery getting hot immediately.

Got sent the a1784 model which isn’t CDMA compatible, so I can’t use it since I have Verizon. Such a bummer because it’s in really good shape (I got the Black version), barely any scratches- just some faint marks on the back that you can only see when you tilt it the right way. I contacted customer service, hopefully I can exchange this for the a1661 model.

That’s a good point, the black one I got is also the a1784, not the a1661, I just didn’t realize because I have AT&T. Hopefully you can get yours replaced with the advertised model.

Out of curiosity, did you also get an old 3rd party lightning/sync cable and a Motorola brand dual usb wall plug?