Apple Accessories for Your Hand Me Down Device!

Anybody know if the Aleratec Charge-Glo cable fits in the Lifeproof cases for iPhone? I just bought a cheap cable as a backup/extra and it didn’t fit in the charging hole of my Lifeproof (and oh how I need that Lifeproof) - sanded the edges, but it still doesn’t fit quite right and probably won’t last long.

I like the 30-pin Mini Keychain Sync/USB Data Cable but it won’t work with my new Iphone. I have noticed this with all the products Woot has offered for the Iphone…they all use the old connection style. When are you guys gonna start selling Iphone accessories that are compatible with the current model? You guys are still living 2011 man!!

Most accesories I’ve found are usually a hit or miss when you use a case. I usually just take my case off to use it with charging dock radios and such…

You “noticed” this? They announce the fact right at the top of the page.

BTW here is a 9 ft charge cable for $3.50 + 3.99 shipping. It doesn’t glow, but 9 ft vs 3ft wins it for me.

iPhone 5 and the new connector were only introduced a couple month ago. We’re still rocking 2012, dude!

What’s with the attitude. I wasn’t referring to this posting but other ones that Woot has had for all other apple related products (cases, docks, cables, speakers etc…). Just saying it would be nice to see some products that are capatable with the 5 also.

Yes, I am aware. It’s called sarcasm. You staff members are always so nasty. Woot must be a pretty depressing place to work. I am just making a suggesting as a customer. I like Many of products that you have offered over the last few months for the iPhone but have been unable to purchase them for this reason. Yes I know I can get them some where else ( and I do) but I would also be willing to pay a premium for them over the 4 campatible products if you were to have offered it on woot.

I have the newest ipad…i cant buy anything :confused:

(Mine was sarcasm, too.)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole idea of Woot! is that they’re selling stuff that needs to be cleared from inventory. The reason why Woot! can offer so many iPhone4 accessory deals at the moment is because the iPhone5 has come out, so the old inventory needs to be cleared out for the new connector.

Woot’s not going to be offering any Lightning-compatible accessories for a while. Woot isn’t made for people to pay a premium on stuff. It’s made for clearance deals.

For most cases that probably isn’t a huge deal, but the Lifeproof one is a PITA to get on and off - not to mention takes multiple steps to be put on correctly and effectively. But alas, it’s sold out by now anyway. I really didn’t need to spend that money anyway.

No you are not wrong…Yes that is obviously why there are so many 4, 4S products popping up on woot over the last couple months…Manufacturers are probably trying to get rid of their inventories due to the release of the new 5. I am just making a simple genralized suggestion that if they are able to find distributors/manufacturers offering 5 products I would be willing to pay a premuim…over what the 4 capatable ones are being offered at …which is already discounted to some extent , not a premium over what would maybe be the normal going retail price.

Yes this is a discount product site!! So maybe instead of 40%-70% off it would be 20-30% off. Some of these electronic products are hugely maked up to begin with, so I don’t think I am completley crazy for asking the question. Maybe this is possible for woot to do, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know the ins and out of their business model completly or what kind of inventories Manufacturers have of the 5 compatible products or demand (or for this matter lack there of) they are seeing for particular 5 products that would allow for them to discount to any extent. Maybe Mr. “staff” member could offer his insight into this and how it is not financially feasible to do this at the moment instead of just making a sly remark!

You are over thinking this (and now I am aswell)!! Just a comment that I am now sorry I even made, haha.

fyi,just wanted to add that for example- Groupon is offering an iphone 5 case today (reg. $25) for $11 (see link). So yes it is in fact possible to do at least at some level!

I am woman, hear me roar!

Nope, don’t have any insight into our buying or discounts. Not sure they’d share it with me and if they did, I probably couldn’t share it.

Sorry, I must have looked at the wrong avatar…and thank you!

Go OLD SKEWL iphones!! We don’t need that new fangled tecknology… wewt?


here’s something i want to KNOW 'bout.
One of the items listed is an AOC Aire/iPlay monitor w/30-pin dock.

I want to know if this is compatible with the new i5 capacity to wirelessly stream directly to this monitor, or do i also need to buy an apple-TV box?
or is it only limited to the docking capacity?
[i already know the docks are diff, just want to know if i should buy this for remote viewing purposes]

I’m BRAND-NEW to apple products as of last week (new i5) from Android, and this is all new to me and mfgr website is crappy with explanations.