Apple Accessory Bundles

Are these items Apple OEM or knockoffs?

These are Apple products and have a 1yr Apple warranty.

So two of everything?

Sorta. Check the drop-down for the actual items.

I am very hesitant to buy the lightning cables offered here. Many comments on past sales indicate problems and concerns the products are not truly Apple OEM.

Woot, while these do come with a warranty is there anything you can do to assuage these concerns?

why is it $6 more to buy the earpod and cable combo than it is to buy them separately?

earpods = $10 (2-pk = $20)
cable = $7 (2-pk = $14)

earpod + cable = $23?

2 each 2-pk combo is $46 versus 1 each 2-pk of cables, 2-pk earpods is $34.

I feel exactly the same, either they are trying to make fun of us or they are stupid cannot do math!

We’ve sold thousands of the lightning cables and have received only a few complaints. The people that are happily using their cables are less likely to post.

I have 2 cables bought from Apple retail stores - both have very rare ‘Not Supported’ messages - usually associated with the POWER ADAPTER (I don’t know why).

When I bought 3 cables via Woot, they seem to work EXACTLY like my Apple Retail store cables; meaning they too get the ‘Not Supported’ message sometimes.

So for me, they appear to work like genuine Apple cables right down to the occasional ‘Not Supported’ messages.

My iPhone 6 is on the latest 8.4 and it whines about my POWER adapters much more than my cables (Apple or Woot sourced). Try using a USB battery or Apple USB charger to see if the error message goes away.