Apple Accessory Bundles

Do the ear pods have a microphone built in?

if you buy the earpod + lightning cable combo for $22.99, it would seem you’re a moron.

2x earpods = $19.99 or $9.99 each
2x lightning cables = $13.99 or $6.99 each

1 of each together is only $16.98, $6.00 less than the combo package.

am i missing something?

it would seem so, since the specs reveal the inclusion of a remote and Apple doesn’t make a version of earpods with a remote and no mic.

unless, of course, these aren’t actual Apple-made earpods.

Are these made by Apple, or are they knockoffs?

BTW, does any one know how to remove an unwanted item from the shopping cart??
My only options on these items seems to be 1,2,3. no removal seems available.

Sure thing. Look for a “remove” link below the item.