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Apple Accessory Bundles
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Hey look, most of the crap we throw away when we get a new iPhone.

4.6 Stars on the Lightning Cable over at Best Buy

If the “crap you’re throw[ing] away when [you] get a new iPhone” includes a 30-pin cable, I’ll take it!

We have 2 older iPhones (a 4 and a 4S), and finding the 30-pin charging cables is becoming increasingly difficult, especially the longer cables. If/when I see them online on Woot or other sites, I usually buy a couple just to have on hand as spares.

The phones work fine for our purposes so no point in getting rid of them. (Bought them refurbished, and buy talk/data time from Consumer Cellular, which resells AT&T.)

Are these the official Apple-made products or are they 3rd party-manufactured? If the latter, are they MFi certified? I’ve had non-certified versions of all of these and they usually break and stop working after a couple of weeks.

These look like the “real deal” Apple label products from the pictures. They’re certainly cheaper than what you could get them from Apple for, anyway.

These cables have been on Woot a lot lately; those who have been customers for a while will remember when it was Sansa MP3 players. Anyway, I bought some about 9 months ago, and if these came out of the same box, then they’re the real thing and work well.

For inexpensive but high quality 30-pin charging cables, I recommend Monoprice dot com. They have lengths ranging from 3 inches to 10 ft, and I’ve never had a problem with them. Sadly, I can’t say the same for their lightening cables.