Apple Accessory Bundles

Just want to clarify:
The Earpods and Lightning Cable are Apple, but is the USB power block Apple as well?

Everything is Apple.

further clarification question: Are the earpods actually made by the company that makes the OEM apple earpods? Or are they earpods made by another company based on the specs for the earpods. Because the details say “Designed by Apple.” It doesn’t say “Made By Apple” like the lightning cable.

There are distinctions when you parse your wording description.

Hello can you tell me more about this statement “Not all models support volume up/down function”

Apple makes their headphones under a different standard than every other smartphone. They made a minor adjustment to the wiring, so the volume rocker won’t work with any other smartphone. They work just fine with any apple product, though.

For example, you could plug these into a Nokia Lumia and it would sound just fine, and the pause/answer functions would work, but the volume rocker wouldn’t. I’ve read that the mic doesn’t work with certain smartphones, but I haven’t had that experience.

These seem to be 100% genuine apple headphones, though, so if you have a pair of EarPods that work with your current device, these will work exactly the same.

are the cables for a mini usb and smaller? do they work with a 6s?

This is the Apple Lightning cable, compatible with your iPhone 6S, yes. It’s a standard USB on that side, though.

I cannot speak for the other items, but the power blocks do not arrive until next year. Don’t buy these as Christmas gifts.

I got the ear buds the other day. The packaging and look is Apple but they sound terrible. Really tubby with awful response on the highs and lows. I talked a friend into getting some and his sound terrible as well. I bought the maximum six pairs and If Woot won’t take them back I’ll end up tossing them. Looks wise they are very good copies but that sure doesn’t extend into the sound!

Jan 6 delivery?
What’s the point?

Nearly a month for delivery? I’ll take my chances with eBay knockoffs.

Deliveried on 6 Jan? Only one reason, it is from China seller.
“Everything is Apple” not mean all of them from Apple Store or Apple Co.
Is this a trap with very cheap price?

Hey all, we had an error in the date calculations for this sale. It’s been fixed. Ship time is more reasonable.