Apple AirPods Max Wireless ANC Headphones (Apple Certified Reconditioned)

Apple AirPods Max Wireless ANC Headphones (Apple Certified Reconditioned)


Does it come in a White apple box in shrinkwrap so I can give it as a gift?

I doubt it since the listing states in two places that it comes in a brown padded box.

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Can you buy AppleCare for these headphones and does it come with a new battery or used?

It would be great to hear back from people who have purchased these headphones so that we know what we can expect. I know it says they are practically new, but I’m wondering if they do arrive in very good condition, and battery quality. Not sure if there’s a way to see the battery health for these AirPods Max.

No, it doesn’t

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I just got mine and tried to purchase AppleCare. The pair I received is no longer eligible for additional service products such as AppleCare. I would have to pay for repairs at my own expense. So buy at your own risk!!!

No, you can’t see the battery health or purchase AppleCare! All repairs will be out of your pocket!! So purchase from Bestbuy. Look for open box deals.

Hey, thank you for taking the time to write back. I have to say they do look in great condition, almost like new as they say. My only concern is the battery health and not being able to buy AppleCare adds more anxiety.

Are you going to keep them? Are you happy with them?
You can buy AppleCare with open box deals from Best Buy?
Amazon has them onsite for $429. Im wondering if the $60 difference is worth it.

I would say no at this point. Just go with the $429 and get your piece of mind of 2 year service. I paid $392 once tax was added. I hope this helps with your decision. I will say they do sound awesome and don’t heavy when wearing. However they are heavy than most but to I am good with that as they shouldn’t fall apart or break easy.

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Thanks man!

Hi guys, Just letting you know that I purchased these. I found that they are not eligible for applecare when they arrived. The headphones are completely free of any scratches etc, look and function perfect. I called apple to clarify some of the statements made by Woot. Apple claims that any refurbished units (whether refurbished by apple or not) when sold by a reseller will end up no longer being eligible for applecare coverage. If there is any deviation in the original 60-day registration period, they will not change the date of purchase to make your product eligible. (if it sits in the reseller warehouse and you receive them after the 60 days…)

You will be paying out of pocket for the repairs etc. Honestly, Amazon has them for $429 right now, probably worth it for the peace of mind. (These headphones are notorious for breaking randomly).

I will restate again. Headphones are PERFECT. I have had NO ISSUES AT ALL. This post is for the people concerned about APC+ coverage.

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I have the same anxiety. The headphones look 100% perfect, but the lack of applecare coverage on such an expensive pair of headphones worries me.

Thanks for letting us know your experience. I ended up purchasing the Amazon ones instead and will buy AppleCare once I received them.

I got the air pods pro max from this offer recently, but the battery doesn’t work. So I packed to return the next day. I’m waiting for my refund.

Hi there. Did you use our label? The UPS shipping for the self-created label shows no movement on the shipment. You might check in with UPS.

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