Apple AirPods Max Wireless ANC Headphones (Factory Reconditioned)

Apple AirPods Max Wireless ANC Headphones (Factory Reconditioned)

This is a good price, and I’m tempted, but there are soooo many fakes out there, I’m hesitant. They’ll often come in legit-looking packaging, and have firmware that pretends to be legit, even right down to having a valid serial number, but there are a few things you can watch out for:

Any kind of plastic on outside of the ear cups upon opening. Apple doesn’t put any on there, third party fakes usually have a jagged-edged protective sheet on each ear. (This might not be diagnostic for these, as they’re not listed as new, but if I saw plastic sheets with triangle-cut edges, I’d start off thinking ‘fake’.)

Weird capitalization or misspellings on the box. (Just saw that these ship in a ‘custom padded brown box’, so that’s out…)

‘Hey Siri’ not working.

The ‘Digital Crown’; The little volume knob should turn smoothly at all times, if there’s varying resistance and/or it physically ‘clicks’ at certain points while rotating, they’re fake.

Good luck to anyone brave enough to try these!


I purchased some of the refurb ones over a year or so ago - looked new and mostly happy. Apple software recognizes them as real. That said, I am only getting about 10ish hours of battery life as opposed to the 20ish hours you are supposed to. You were able to get a battery replacement for $125 I think and I have not gone that route yet as I am “ok” with the 1/2 battery life for 1/2 retail price.