Apple AirPods Pro (Refurbished)

Apple AirPods Pro (Refurbished)

Listen up: There are refurbished by an entity that we do not even want to put the name here in fear lest consumers get scared off. They are not refurbished by apple but this info is nowhere to be found in the product description and there is a reason for it.

Over dramatic much?

If it was refurbished by Apple, it would have been listed as Factory Reconditioned.

Like just about every electronics retailer, unless our vendor carries the warranty, we don’t name our vendors. You are purchasing from Woot and we carry the warranty.

TL;DR: we’re not hiding anything.


What is the return policy on these? If it was on the listing, I couldn’t find it.

Hi there. Here’s our return policy:

Yuck, foreign ear-matter. Cannot fathom how it would be possible to perfectly remove 100% of it from the screens, crevices, etc…

Easy to justify spending another 20 bucks, at most 25 to get virgin earpieces.