Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Buyer beware.

The last time these were listed ( AirPods Pro with Charging Case - #3 by njkol80 ) it turned out to be fake Airpod Pros. I have a family member that ordered these and ended up with a fake pair. Woot support on the issue was poor, to say the least. They offered $30 to get them “fixed”. How you fix a knockoff product is a head-scratcher to me.

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The Aipods Pro in this sale are new vs. refurbished in the prior sale. Bought these prior to seeing your message so hopefully it will all work out. :grimacing:

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Hi all. A few things:

We do our best (as do our vendors) to verify the authenticity of the products we sell. The previous sale you are referencing was refurbished. It’s possible that an international or unauthentic pair slipped past the service rep. This happens very rarely and Woot CS will always take care of you.

The ones we’re selling today are new. They’re sourced by our vendor directly from Apple. We’ve sold thousands of these new Apple AirPods with very few issues.

As always, we have a 30-day return policy if you choose to return the Apple AirPods for a full refund.

Please tell your family member to reach back out to Woot! CS and request a full refund (usually one of the options offered). It looks like our CS rep didn’t fully understand the concern that the AirPods might not have been authentic. Tell them we apologize for that. If there’s further concerns, have them reach out to me via private message.

To private message me, click on my name and then click on Message in the box that pops up. To check your PMs, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page and then click on the envelope in the menu that appears.


This surprises me based upon my experience with Woot Customer Support. They’ve always made things right with me.


Doesn’t even let me add it to my cart for purchase

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Buying these as a gift, so wouldn’t have considered used. I know they’re cleaned during refurbishment and all, but it would be a bit of an “eww” moment when the recipient found out they weren’t brand new.

Still surprised to see such a large discount on a new Apple product.

Wow, it’s been ~4.5 years since my last woot!

Adds right to my cart (using Firefox, haven’t tried others.)
So not sold out yet.

Yes, definitely wouldn’t want “used” earbud phones, especially ones that fit snug jammed up in the ear !

Could you give me more info?

Chrome by chance? Could you try an incognito window?

UPDATE: We think we fixed the issue

I did not buy my pair from Woot but from the Mothership for new for $20 less, but that was in November and this has been the least expensive I have seen them since.

I had a very hard time spending that amount for headphones, bc I have auditory issues, but I can honestly say I love them, the noise cancellation is beyond words.

As for Woot customer service, I buy A Lot from Woot, across all genres and I have had my difficulties with them, but for the very most part, they take care of their customers. You are always going to have bad experiences, I wouldn’t count Woot out for a few bad cases of bad CS here or there.


Woot customer service is the best. Each time I’ve had an issue it’s been resolved. That’s why I keep coming back


I received mine yesterday. They’re a gift, so I haven’t opened them, but the packaging appears to be official Apple stuff, comparable to my original AirPods box.

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Received mine last night! They are NEW and appear to be original Apple AirPod Pro’s.

Both my wife and daughter have a pair and they have been telling me how great they are, I didn’t believe them. When I saw this deal I decided to buy them and I am glad I did! They are the BEST!

Thanks Woot!

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