Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Apple AirTag Leather Loop


Kind of glad they don’t call it a fob, that is what we called the gigantic orange cat across the street that used to fight with our equally huge grey and white fluff ball…
F.O.B. (Fat Orange Ba$tard)
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If Cats be the music of life, play on
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I used to have 2 big cats that thought they were sumo wrestlers. It was hilarious to watch they would play for 20 minutes then just fall asleep back to back. I miss those two! :pleading_face:


Masses of sympaty for kitties that have passed on. I like cats more that most people. Yes they use you, but they’re entitled. They own you heart and soul.
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Wait, Apple makes cats, too? Oh wait, this is for Leather Loop.

I have a video review on Amazon. I like these, have three (all purchased for roughly $12, $13; not worth full price IMHO).

The snaps are super high quality Apple-engineered … brushed finish with tiny polished chamfers at all the edges. Looped correctly, the AirTag is secure. In fact, the fit is so snug, I can’t loosen and pop off the AirTags steel battery cover like I can with Apple’s polyurethane Loop and other holders.

Leather is nice quality, thin but not weak. The slot and hole at the end will probably break if you try hard enough. Edges are finished, I don’t expect them to come unraveled like my polyurethane Loop is starting to. Don’t know if it cleans off as easily as the polyurethane – soft damp cotton cloth is all I’d use, wipe dry, air dry. I’m not sure I’d use this in dirty, outdoorsy conditions unless you don’t care how it looks as it ages.

They make a kind of nice bookmark in a hardcover book when not looped on something.

If you get the Apple AirTag Key Ring (fob) in same color, they will match, same design basically.