Apple Certified Purtech Lightning Cables

I see two types of connectors. The mini usb type and the lightning type. How do I know which one I’ll get? My iPhone 6 only takes the lightning connector.

The 10-ft cable has the lightning connector on one end that plugs into your phone. The USB connector on the other end plugs into the power source.

How do I specify that I want the car charger?

On the page, there’s a drop-down for “Size”

Select the “car charger” option there.

Call me IMPRESSED. Three 10’ cables gives you additional reach for outlets behind the couch, etc. And these cables are heavier duty/thicker than the Apple stock cable which should mean they won’t self-destruct quite as easily. They are working fine with my iPad and iPhone. Don’t suggest these for a car – they are too long for most uses unless you are plugging into an outlet in your trunk! And, as a bonus, they threw in a set of earbuds for free. That was totally unexpected.