Apple Charging Case for iPhone XS or XS MAX

I took mine to Apple today at they confirmed that they were recalled units and would be replacing them, although they had to order the replacement unit.

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Mine also shows 0% charge and cannot hold a charge, like everyone else’s. I suspect your vendor is not being 100% truthful about testing these units. Very disppointing.

Mine is defective as well. Same problem reported by others. This is a WELL KNOWN defect with these cases and they should have been tested before sale to make sure they had been repaired by Apple. DO NOT BUY THESE unless they are certified TESTED.

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My smart battery case is also defective and not working - no wonder it was a woot deal. The case is literally at the end of the Apple recall/replacement program cycle - A really deceptive tactic by woot to have these on sale (knowing they are defective/part of a replacement program that is at the end of its lifecycle.) Extremely frustrating.

Mine too was defective and covered by the recall. I first tried to get it replaced at Best Buy, but while they agreed it should be replaced, they had no replacement units to offer me. I then went to the Apple Store. They questioned me – somewhat suspiciously – about when and where I bought the case, and I was briefly concerned they wouldn’t honor the replacement, but ultimately they did. I’m happy to have this case for such a low price, but it was certainly inconvenient to go through the hoops to finally get a working unit.

Apple refused to honor the recall of mine. Said it was originally purchased over 2 years ago and didn’t qualify.

Your vendor is being super shady and Woot should be giving them deep looks of disapproval and perhaps a lashing with a wet noodle.

I’ve reached out to Woot CS for a refund.