Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Plug - Your Choice Pack Size

Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Plug - Your Choice Pack Size

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Do these come packed in the original Apple case ?

The answer you seek is sitting right there in the photos…

Is the limit of 10 applicable for individual items or the packs? In other words, can I get 10 10-packs, or is the limit 10 hit by a single 10-pack?

I see answer and end calls. Would anyone know if it has a mic so you can actually conduct/participate in a call?


It lets you add 10, 10 packs… if you’re looking to build a mini concert hall with 200 speakers in it, this seems like a good bet.


So by “Apple” do you mean some Chinese knockoff or actually Apple earbuds but in different packaging?

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These are authentic Apple earpods.

Sure does! This image shot in description has your answer. But, since I’m a NOOB here, I have no problem pasting the image here cause as @dreman34 mentioned – question answered. Good luck. I ordered 1 pack

@jmodrow I can answer that for you. Yes, it does have the microphone on the right ear cable. I can also tell, from repairing man cables/jacks in my life the three white strips on the 1/4" headphone jack has a left ear, right ear, and microphone pickup in it.

and if that is too much TL;DR you can see the volume up/down

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I looked it up before I purchased these …if you have a I phone 7 or newer they will not work they dont have the 3.5 mm Jack…is this true ?

There is a lightning adapter included with every iPhone which will allow you to use a 3.5 mm plug or you can buy an adapter like this:

yes, these have a MIC.

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Thanks much… “Knowledge is power” and I appreciate the explanation and info…

FYI: apple stopped including the dongles.

The best thing about these (apart from the headphones themselves) is that case. Pay careful attention to the way they unwind when you first pull 'em out, and reverse the process to put 'em away.

If you wind them too tightly, it won’t close. If they’re too loose, it won’t close. But get it right and the case is AMAZING. The headphones are well-protected, and speaking as someone who’s lost several headphones over the years, I’m gonna buy a three-pack (the cases work with the lightning phones, too).

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