Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
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4.5 Stars over at B&H Photo

I found these to be horribly uncomfortable. I could never get them to fit right.

So happy!! I lost my apple earbuds a while back and have since been using another one that keeps moisture trapped in my hear, and the quality is only decent and not impressive.

These oddly shaped Apple earbuds have really nice sound and also let air circulate. It took me a while to buy into it, but after I did, I realized they work great for everything - including exercise. The remote is long and I never have to struggle with using it. It has a lot of functions too, if you look into it.

In for 3!

If someone has any problems with fit…swap out the left with right, and right with left, that should give you a more snug fit.

I think I’ll be picking an extra pair up to keep in the office as I just left my BT headphones at home.

Assuming you are actually serious, and I believe you are, this is quite possibly one of the silliest posts I’ve read to date.

Seems pretty reasonable, everyone’s ears are shaped a little differently. It might help to swap them if they’d fit better that way. You’d lose proper left/right spatial positioning of the sounds, of course, but that’d rarely matter most of the time.

These sound decent, very mid bass rich, but they are too big for my ears and hurt after about an hour of use. There’s so many better ones on the market that show up even on Woot every week that are far better in both quality, fit and technical specs.

I have a pair nice IEM’s that I paid only a few bucks more for (on woot!) that are far superior in comfort, fit and sound quality.

They fit OK and they sound OK and the non-trapped moisture is a plus. One added benefit: when you sleep with them in, the wires don’t get pulled out of the buds. Using them for “white noise” at night, they last a lot longer than regular buds.

You do realize these are shaped in a way that it is not possible to fit in the wrong ear AND have the sound go INTO your ear canal?

If you did put them in opposite ears and could actually keep them from falling out, the port where the sound comes out will be pointing at the outside edge of your ear.

I’m not sure you can really get a better sounding pair of earbuds for this price, quite frankly. I do find them terribly uncomfortable, though, and I ultimately purchased a pair of BOSE IE2 headphones which are superior to these in every way, but cost considerably more. Then again, most people that are reading this or considering buying these own an iPhone or an iProduct, and are simply looking to replace. Ultimately, superior sound can be found elsewhere, but not without spending considerably more. If you’re okay with the fit and comfort of these, this is a great price on a very decent sent of earbuds.

With most earphones you would be correct, because most earphones have drivers that fire directly in toward each side of your head. But this design is directional, with the driver array fitting inside your ear and then pointing forward into the ear canal, toward the front of your head. If you switch these backwards, it’s possible they might fit in your ears better, but the drivers will be firing into the cartilage behind your ears instead of into your ears.

sounds like fakes

Not that good of a deal; these can be had elsewhere for ~$15 with free shipping. Still, since I trust Woot and not other random online retailers, I’m in for 2.

$10 Shipped at A4C.

No, they are are NOT fakes or counterfeits. They are real Apple products but they don’t come in that fancy retail box that costs extra money.

$10 free shipping and comes in original package, not bulk.
Sorry Woot … you are losing the competitive edge