Apple EarPods with Remote & Mic - 2pk

Damn, for a second there I thought woot had a super new thing: Lightning Earbuds!

I bought these a while back when they were running the sale before. They are good looking but inferior sounding counterfeits. Fortunately Woot returned my money (without acknowledging the issue). Aside from the sound difference, the wire is a little thinner and you can see this easily if you make a small loop.


Are these real Apple or knock offs?

And if the later, could you knock it off with the knock offs?

These are Apple product in bulk (non-retail) packaging.

I brought these in a previous sale. Very happy with the purchase. The ear pods are the first comfortable ear pieces I have used. If you don’t like the round earbuds then definitely try these.

For those of you wondering if these are the genuine Apple product. . .

I just ran the EarPods I purchased in a previous sale through the tests in this article. The ones I purchased passed every test so I believe these are genuine Apple EarPods as Woot claims.

Since the issue comes up every time these are sold I found another list of ways to determine real from fake and ran the tests. The EarPods I purchased from Woot in a previous sale are definitely a genuine Apple product. I even managed to find the writing on the cord that says “Designed by Apple in California and assembled in China.” It took a pair of reading glasses and the flashlight function on my iPhone to read it clearly but it is there. These are real not fakes.