Apple EarPods with Remote & Mic - 2pk

I hate these earbuds. They fall out. Awful design.

$5 monoprice ones are way better. ($3 if you get silver) WAAAAY better.

No thanks!

If i want a pair of these, has them for $0.89 for either color without shipping!

More than likely where you pulled these in from and charged a 46% markup!

They’re $30 direct from Apple. Very misleading list price, Woot. Headphones & Speakers - All Accessories - Apple

The list price is accounting for the 2pk we’re offering, instead of the $30 for a single pair.

Where do you get these?

Are these genuine Apple EarPods, they are so many fake ones on the market.

Apple with 1yr Apple warranty.


I ordered these a year ago, they were cheap knockoffs! Woot told me to call apple, apple told me to call woot. Not falling for that again.

I just ordered four pairs and each one of them were counterfeit. I had ordered them here before and had good luck, but it looks like my luck ran out. The serial numbers on the cable aren’t genuine. No response so far to my support request from Woot. Very disappointed.

I got your PM and added you to my CS report. Again, apologies.

I’ve seen these at NordiesRack, color variations too and no concern of legitimacy. Sometimes you pay more for comfort.

Just received these. Totally fake. Packaging was scuffed and earphones were dirty too. One pair had a warped piece of plastic. Audio is fail and the whole thing is cheap plastic. Woot, you’d better give me that refund!! >:[

Jeez, sorry to hear about your experience. Be sure to send your order number and issue to CS can get into your account and get you taken care of.

Fake. The dynamic range is crap and they don’t feel right either. How do you sell counterfeit goods with a clear conscience - even promising that they’re genuine Apple?

Put me in the ‘me too’ bucket. Both sets sounded terrible. One set had uneven sound in the ears, the others are muffled and sound like its in a tin-can.

My first truly bad woot after years of buying. Email sent via the customer service page, we’ll see what happens.

Garbage…after maybe 2 weeks of light use (only at home) the left side just stopped working. Oh well, you get what you pay for

And I’ll take the “me three” bucket. I opened these and thought that the stiffness of the cords was totally inconsistent with the pair that came with my iPhone. It just doesn’t feel right.

And the sound quality is not good either. Where is Woot sourcing these from?