Apple EarPods with Remote & Mic - 2pk

Just in time for the iPhone 7. Oh, wait… :wink:

Stock up now for the iPhone 7S - the return of the headphone jack.

I read that in a movie announcer’s voice… It sounded great.

Does it work with Android?

iPhone 7 comes with a 3.5mm adapter so it’ll work fine with it

I’ve heard that the microphone doesn’t work with Android phones, but I have used these with my Samsung cellphones and they work great. I keep buying them because when I loan them out, I don’t get them back. I’m buying a couple of these 2-packs at this great price, so I always have backups. :slight_smile:

I bought these earpods and charging cables from woot not too long ago but when they arrived the cables were in a plastic bag that had the name of a Taiwanese company on it, and the ear plugs had a different texture and feeling than what I already had. So I contacted support and they refunded me for the products, but never really told me if I just got unlucky and those were not real apple products. Are those genuine earpods and if so how can I tell?