Apple EarPods with Remote & Mic - 2pk

I got these about a month or so ago. The wire is narrower than my older pair. Also, the microphone never worked, and the right ear/sound began to only work intermittently and has now stopped working altogether. I’m not sure if they are true apple earpods and the quality is just not as good as the older ones, or if this is actually a knock off.

I bought a few of these the last time they were for sale on woot. These are not Apple EarPods. The wires are thinner and stiffer. The volume control buttons don’t work as well. The overall feel of them is much cheaper than actual Apple EarPods.

Got a pack of two last week. One came with a broken mic/control, the other only played through one ear. Additionally, they just didn’t feel right. Woot to their credit promised me a refund straight away. I guess I’m not the first to complain. I bought them here to save the hassle of buying crap elsewhere. Guess I was wrong.

Do these work on an android. Or does app.less have their own bluetooth?

Yes, these will work with Android devices.

I bought these a few months ago. They are not apple ear pods. They are fake and sound like crap. I threw them away.

It shows a one year apple warranty and a valid sku. Why not call apple?

I had the same experience as the other posters. Skinnier wires and crackling sounds when I used them. If they are genuine Apple EarPods, I’ll eat my hat.

Agreed with all the complaints. These are absolutely knockoffs, Woot should stop selling them.

Apple earpods work on android phones, but the volume buttons and double/triple click for next/previous do not work. This is a wiring incompatibility and cannot be solved with software.

That said, I wouldn’t buy these. Woot has posted several offerings of “Apple EarPods” in the past that were very clearly not genuine Apple products. Why they’re still trying to shove this shit off on us is beyond me.

Call Apple and…what? Ask them if the sku that was posted is a sku that they sell? How does that validate or verify anything?