Apple HP Branded 40GB White iPod

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Apple HP Branded 40GB White iPod
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Apple PE436AR HP Branded 40GB White iPod

Pretty fool-proof when I owned it … three years ago …

im gonna get a refurb $209 80GB off the apple website, dont need this old thing

going to bed
cradles 8 gb nano

HP iPods - HP Licensed apples ipod for a while and produced them under their name and bundled itunes with their computers, they were still made by apple, but had the HP name on them.
For all those that are going to ask.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Apple HP Branded 40GB White iPod, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Apple PE436AR HP Branded 40GB White iPod

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lol.Up to 25 minutes of skip protection , really?.. so i guess they are not for running? they do have a hard drive, so i guess it can fail when moved around.

To be honest, 12 hours is pretty for awful for MP3 players, especially now. (as a point of reference, most HD players get 24+, and some flash-based ones, like my Samsung K3, get upwards of 40).

Also, there are many competing deals for a better price/value than this one.

Nope, not going to woot this one.

Yes; they work with Macs. They come pre-formatted for Windows, but if you set it up on a Mac you can reformat it for Mac, or let the Mac use it as Windows formatted iPod (which is nice if you also want to use it as a portable hard drive on Mac/Windows/Linux). I’m still using my 20GB HP iPod.

HP Branded eh? What specifically does that do to benefit someone who will be using this?

These are great because they work with both Firewire and USB cables. So you can use them to boot a Mac.


Does this come with lisa???


Nothing. It was just the very first round of iPods that worked with the PC.

I’m still using my 20GB HP, and love it. Still has the original battery in it, too. Yes, it still holds plenty of a charge.

I’ll trade you my sister-in-law lisa for this… nah actually you’d make out better on this deal, looks like a night of bad woots all around.

This is not worth $100. Once you go color, you never go back. This is worth $20-$30.

if you click the underlined words all your dreams will come true fuck

Yup. My first iPod was an HP-branded 20GB 4G, like this model, only smaller. It’s the same iPod goodness. I upgraded to a 40GB 4G just like this one a year or so later when the 5G’s came out, and it’s still my primary “travel” iPod. 40GB is a lot of storage for this price point, and this is an interesting deal. Sure, you can go check out the refurbs at the Apple Store and get a shinier newer better for just over twice as much, but most people will have trouble filling up 40GB. Because I’m one of those freaks who can I picked up a 160GB classic a couple of months ago, but my 40GB 4G (like this) gets more ear-time, since it’s the one I leave the house with. Plus, all the 4G accessories are way cheap at the places that carry that stuff. Gotta trick out your toy, doncha know.