Apple iMacs

These puppies should have the maximum RAM for best performance. 16 GB is optimum, 8GB is OK for email & Web, 4GB don’t feed the cat.

Here’s a link to Apple’s knowledge base site on how to add/change memory:

All of them should be able to run the latest MAC OS ( Mavericks - 10.9.4 ) which is a free upgrade from what they came with (Snow Leopard - 10.6.8 ) but you’re gonna need at least 8GB RAM to do that. If the model you choose has user accessible slots for RAM it’s a good bet both slots are being used presently, meaning if you upgrade RAM you are throwing away what’s already in there. Either buy a machine here that’s fully loaded, or do research on the model you want to buy and see just how much it will cost you to upgrade it. Apple is very finicky about the RAM it uses - make sure if you buy new RAM it is guaranteed.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is very stylish and well made. The magic mouse is exquisite.

And if these are coming from Apple try and get Applecare.

NEVER buy Apple RAM. There are a few great sites that offer Apple guaranteed RAM at a much better price with videos on how to add RAM for any model.

Unfortunately these are refurbished by a third party and only come with Woot or SquareTrade warranties! btw, there are also third party stores that also offer very good deals on AppleCare, just can’t get it on any of these.

I do agree on the Wireless Keyboard! never used the magic mouse but do LOVE the Magic Trackpad!

With these newfangled models, you cannot update the RAM yourself; it had to be factory installed.
OH, I LOTHE my Mac.
It’s not even mine- although I paid for it.
It’s a proprietary clustersandwhich that I feel I’m renting.
Lost one, Apple. A loyal pro desktop customer since the 1993.

Do these come with the Self-Righteousness installed or does the re-manufacturing process remove this feature?

I’d hate to not buy an Apple product and not be able to share in the Apple smugness.

False. These iMacs, 27" Mid-2011 models, are user-serviceable.

Yes, the Mid-2012 and Late-2013 21.5" iMacs are not meant to be user-serviceable, but you CAN do it if you try hard enough.

Well these Macs can boot up in, and run Windows 7 quite nicely (Win 8, I hear, also.) Unfortunately, the models after the ones for sale here, will require the 64 bit version of Windows if you want to run them in Boot Camp.

So, If you are afraid your pals down in Juvie will discover you have a Mac, ditch the Apple keyboard & mouse, cover over the Apple logo, set it to boot in Win 7, and smear some vaseline all over the screen to dampen down the resolution.

Your secret is safe with us!

signed : “le Fanbois du Smug”

“USB 2.0: 4”
USB 3.0…0
“Thunderbolt: 1” Okay, nothing I have is Thunderbolt only eSATA and USB 3.0, sure will work on 2.0 but SLOW.

BEWARE of making large purchases at Woot!

Please look at this link (Terms and Conditions) and take special note of the item labeled “RISK OF LOSS”:

Basically, consider yourself lucky if you actually get anything you pay for at Woot. I was burned on the Apple MacBook deal at the beginning of July: my computer never arrived although FedEx reported it as delivered. It turned out that Woot printed a poor shipping label that caused a mis-delivery. It took nearly two weeks of constant emailing (Woot doesn’t have a Customer Service phone number!) and posting to their Facebook page before I finally received a refund.

I just want to warn you.

Hmmm, Apple sure is proud of their 3 year old refurbished computers… Does it bother anyone else that you can almost buy 3 fairly decent PCs for the same price as 1 refurbished 3 year old mac?

Welcome to Apple products

I was wondering I have a 27" Imac late 2005 10.6.8 Version 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM which has the most Memory it can take (from what Im told)
These are my spec’s and Im not a techie though I do love Star Trek.
Can someone tell me if this is a good deal in an upgrade for me?
Compared to Apples own refurbished stuff on their site…
This is my only desktop. I want to say I have snow leopard but not sure. Its been 3 years at least since I did an OS upgrade. I want to eventually cut the cord on FIOS but would need a faster 27" Imac. I dont use it for games. Actually this Imac has been great but it crashes when I use iphoto because all my pics are adding up.
I won’t go back to windows never again Stopped at XP and Vista. Any ideas on which of these to get appreciated. Not knowing the refurb 3rd party and only 1 year offered with Square Trade is scary for this big of an investment.

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac7,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 800 MHz
Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B03
SMC Version (system): 1.21f4

ALSO I have had nothing but the best experience on WOOT. Last big purchase the refurbed 14" HP Chromebook with free TMobile wifi “for life” and I even got a boatload of free cloud storage which Im still trying to understand how it works. I love this Chromebook !
BUT every time I buy something at Woot refurbed its worked perfectly right out of the box. Roku 3, Top of the line toaster oven for 1/2 price. etc. I did have to return one thing which was a helmet device that gave head massage Yeah I dont know what I was thinking. It gave me headaches lol And Woot was agreeable.

Not bad for a Core i7, however other retailers are selling the late 2012 MD096LL/A 27" iMac with Core i5, 8 GB ram, 1 TB HDD & Nvidia graphics for $1349 (after rebate). PLUS the warranty is 1 yr. Apple & thus eligible for Applecare. Granted, it IS a core i5 vs. core i7 (3.2 vs. 3.4) but the actual performance shouldn’t be too far off the mark. All in all a better deal for those who are considering a Mac purchase. Google the model # and you’ll find it…

Yes, you’ll definitely see improvement with one of these. This model is six years newer than what you’re currently using - my general rule of thumb is to upgrade my computers every four or five years.

If iPhoto is one of your primary apps, you would benefit most from getting an iMac with SSD (or alternatively, what Apple calls a Fusion drive, which is part SSD and part “regular” hard drive). In this sale, the ones that say “+256 GB” have SSDs installed. You’ll also see more benefit the more memory you have installed. You can either buy one that has more than 4GB already installed, or you can buy more memory (of the right kind) and install it yourself.

*Edit: In terms of “good deal or not”, I think all of Woot’s offerings are a better deal than you would get at Apple’s own refurb store.

just my opinion… I would never do it!

who knows about the third party refurb! a SquareTrade 2year is available (if you hit the link it will give you the price). BUT if memory serves me correct it is already way over the price I paid for AppleCare on my MacBook Pro Retina 15"! and you’re not getting any of the Apple support.

The first thing I would do is give OWC a call and figure out if I could upgrade the system you have. They have vids showing what to do and tools needed. They have great customer support.

There might be a mess of Apple refurbs coming out since they just released a new version of the iMac a bit ago (I am pretty sure but I have awful brain fog) so maybe in 6 months or so a boatload of refurbs might come to the Apple site. You can sign up for email requests from a third party site for iMac refurbs.

but… maybe consider the Apple workhorse. a mac mini! It is the best deal going! Try to find an older model where you can unscrew the bottom to add ram easier (the refurbs do show up but sell out within hours!). They usually go for $500 - 700. Get a good monitor and AppleCare from B&H Photo. You will save a bundle. btw, Maverick & Yosemite are designed to handle RAM very efficiently. ***at least that is the claim!

Been a Mac guy long before the term “fanboi” existed. Loved almost every one I’ve had. If you’re looking for a Mac and want to pay less, this may be the deal for you. If you hate Macs and love Windows/Linux/whatevs, you are wasting your precious time here. If you don’t know the difference, or wonder which platform you should go with, or are offended when pretentious people call you pretentious, go with Windows. Not a bad deal here.

Never will understand why people buy an Apple, just to get half as much computer for twice the money.

Maybe it’s to fit in, maybe it’s because they’re harder for non-computer types to screw up, but imo it’s not even close to worth it.

Or maybe because they’re great computers. It just depends what you need. I’m a web developer and find that if you’re a designer or developer (creative type) you’re going to find far better software on OS X than on Windows, and most certainly better than anything that is on Linux (saying this as someone who has plenty of real world IT background with Windows and various Linux flavors - from end-user to production servers). If you’re a gamer or a business user that needs to run a lot of Windows-only software, you want Windows.

Yes, there is a lot more intuitiveness with Macs than other operating systems so it’s harder for non-computer people to mess up. My brother falls into that category and I always had to work with him on old Windows laptops I would give him (even tried to help him learn Ubuntu once because it’s free) but by far he’s had the best UX with OSX and intuitively understands how to use it. There’s nothing wrong with being intuitive; both Ubuntu and Windows have taken ideas from OSX for their own software in recent years.

Sure, hipsters are ridiculous (still waiting for the day I see one walk into Starbucks with an Alto), but the whole “smug” thing is rich coming from people who go out of their way to be equally smug about their “computer superpowers” as if using anything other than OSX is somehow a mark of true intelligence. In reality, if you’re a Windows user, Linux users think you’re stupid. If you’re a Linux user, you’re using a flavor that other distro users think is stupid; I have one friend who is always recompiling his Gentoo kernel and he’s a smart guy, but gets absolutely nothing done. So yeah, I use a Mac and I love it. I get a lot done, love a lot of the OSX programs developers have come out with, still enjoy using command line, and don’t have any of this so-called attitude you guys keep pointing out. Yeah, I enjoy a nice, clean and attractive interface (and laptop, for that matter) and find Windows and Ubuntu ugly. So sue me.

What is Earth? Why are these so expensive? Apple should have some kind of program for the underprivileged. My kid sure could use one of these. But there’s no way we can afford a single one offered here! Maybe they’ll be happy with up Piemaker!?!?

^ typical apple fanboy. “I care how things look”… A form over function crowd.

I work in TV, use apple all the time and they aren’t superior in any way - especially not for that price…

Can easily do as well or better with the adobe suite of products on PC for half the price.

You can build a custom laptop, fully loaded for less than the price of an underpowered macbook pro. That’s all I’m saying.