Apple iPad 16GB 3G + Wi-Fi

we need the ipad 2!

This thing is like…a year old! haha

Here? Fat chance.

I love my iPad. It works great for so many things.

Come along, Dorothy…you don’t want any of Those Apples!

$529 on Amazon

those things are really that expensive that $450 is a GOOD deal? on a USED one? eek!

go for it, apple suckers

why not in for 3 ?


Same thing, NEW & MUCH cheaper on eBay!

Is this a deal?

not sure of the most recent price, but thats the same price as a refurb NON 3G model on pre-iPad2 release

Best Buy had it new for $399.

I wonder if this has the unlimited data plan…

If only I had an extra $450…

No, you need the iPad 3…the iPad 2 is already obsolete.

this is $100 more than at the apple store (although out of stock there)

Posting this one more time…
woot, woot, woot…I love you, adore you…if only you would have one, just one, woot off on a weekend so I can stay up and not have to get up for work in the morning.

Will this work with a Mac?